Cousland of Highever
Oren Cousland&Amethyne

crazy headcanon so crazy

HoDA. Chinese version. Wow.

You ever seen a powerful, ancient demon play the human-cello?
(Human-cello from Hannibal NBC)

Darcy: What’s up?
Loki: The Avengers destroys the Helicarrier.
Darcy: Plagiarists.

Dragon Age Legends companions

King&Queen of Ferelden

Loki looking for assistant

Loki: So, why do you want to work with me?
Natasha: Fury told me to watching you.
Jane: Thor said, you know everything about asgardian science.
Lorelei: I want to rule this world.
Darcy: I want my salary.
Loki: Now a few words about yourself.
Natasha: I am superspy.
Jane: I am astrophysicist.
Lorelei: I can make “coffee”. Professionally.
Darcy: I have a taser.
Loki: Welcome aboard, miss Lewis.
Johann Schmidt: What about you? Don’t want to work with me?